Freedom Pop Gets New Funding

FreedomPop, an out of the box mobile phone provider that often offers services for free, is now getting another large chunk of cash from an investor. The company has added $50 million dollars to carry on with its mission to go global beyond its United States roots. There will be new international products hitting the market. One new product is a semi-free hotspot. It will cost $49.99 to start, but then users will get free data in 25 international markets. A new SIM will cost $10 initially, and then will give users free calls and data on their handsets. This will exist across multiple regions.

The new funding is coming six months after FreedomPop raised $30 million dollars from investors, including Intel. At this time the new investor has chosen not to reveal itself. Freedompop’s CEO, Stephen Stokols. said the investor does not want to reveal itself because it has plans of integrating FreedomPop with another company it is in the process of acquiring.

The new round of funding should raise the evaluation of FreedomPop. Stokols would say the number has risen by a lot, but is still somewhere just under a billion dollars.

FreedomPop is a mobile phone service provider that is based in Los Angles CA. The company’s product line includes wireless data, text, and voice services. They operate on the Sprint and Clearwire networks.

FreedomPop has expanded its service to the UK and other foreign countries. In addition to providing free mobile phone service, the company sells mobile phones and broadbFand devices.

The company was founded in 2012 by Steven Sesar and Stephen Stokols.

FreedomPop has been showing growth in the U.S and internationally under its own brand and by being a silent partner in helping other companies to launch and provide its own version of free mobile phone service.

Securus Technologies Charity For The Best Security Connections

Secures Technologies located in Dallas, Texas has over tried to ensure that the world is the best place to live. This is by the various strategies they have come up with to ensure that the inmates are living in a good environment not away from the families. Securus Technologies is also known for its service in many public correction agencies through law enforcement by conducting criminal investigations, conducting biometric analysis and also making the life of inmate much easier through the inmates’ self-service.

Securus Technologies has also initiated a charity organization campaign to enhance their work in management of correction centers through improved technologies. The Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies has been recording a rise in the many contributions made through the charity campaign. The contribution at Securus Technologies targets to provide good health care, education, and basic life requirements in many communities which I think is a good way of ensuring that people are living in good condition. This will prevent much more from engaging in criminal activities as they fight for basic survival needs or due to idleness.

I have heard of the actions of Securus associates around their contributions and their assistance to the poor communities. They show their concern for individual welfare not only to the poor but also the people in correctional centers. Their technological advancements have been of great help to the inmates. Currently, they have initiated a video visitation platform for inmates to connect with their loved ones from home. The advancement has also been made in consideration of visitors who wait for long hours and then make long queues before they are able to speak with their loved ones in the correction. I see the strategy very cheap and affordable as all you are required to do is create a Securus online account name at- home visit and you keep contact with your loved ones. From the reviews listed in the site below, it certainly seems that people are enjoying Securus’ inmate communication products.

It is also amazing how Securus Technologies has introduced the inmate phone calling systems. All one need is to open a prepaid advance- connects and you will receive calls from your friend or relative at the correction center. Many inmates have changed positively from the act of being allowed to connect with their family all the time. They change for the better to get out of the correction center and start their normal life. You are assured of safety for secular will handle criminal investigation and justice for you. I admire the fact that what they are interested with most is connecting what matters from family and friends. It makes one more interested to be associated with Securus Technologies. 

To learn more about Securus products and innovative technology on their site, click here.

Igor Cornelsen: An Investor Tour Guide in Brazil

Igor Cornelsen is the guy with all the tricks and pathways to investing in Brazil. Investors across the world smile upon the mention on brandyourself of Brazil. The Brazilian economy promises heaven for investors at a time when the global economy is crippling with all sorts of problems.

Igor understands the economy of Brazil much better than we do. However, there are certain known facts about the South American nation. First, it’s the largest state on the continent by land mass. Its environment has been endowed with a favorable agricultural climate that makes it a top producer and exporter of food in the world. The country’s population is exploding and creating an enormous demand –supply scenario. The nation also enjoys vast deposits of natural resources and an expanding infrastructural network.

All these factors contribute to the ranking of the Brazilian economy as the eighth largest in the world. The consistent trends of performance exhibited by the economy also play in favor when it comes to doing business. More so, Igor observes the natural beauty and rich cultural heritage as mirrors of the society. The hosting of the Olympic Games in Rio will take all the attention to the South American country. Not long ago, it hosted a very successful World Cup tournament that took over the world.

This time, Igor sees numerous avenues grab investors on the Street. However, the authorities in the country would have to make a few adjustments. For instance, the county needs to get back to a market-oriented economic order. The last time it used this approach, phenomenal strides were made, but the global financial crisis of 2008 took down all the progress. In Cornelsen’s assessment, the economic growth rate would rise beyond the 2% aggregate. The middle-income earners in Brazil keep growing.

The new role of the finance minister Joaquin Levy has also received approval from many quarters including Igor Cornelsen. The appointment heralds a new era of investor friendly policies and fiscal austerity reforms to put back the Brazilian economy on track. Igor believes the new executive possess all the experience and will to make Brazil rise even higher.

The banking sector in Brazil mainly seems pleasing to potential investors. With only a handful of operators monopolizing the market, the demand for banking services and credit for the middle class has not been fully met. He feels a new entrant could cause a whole new revolution that would play to the benefit of the economy. Furthermore, the market-oriented economy favors trade with countries like China.

Igor Cornelsen feels that a healthy economy in China would result in better prices for agricultural exports from Brazil. The devaluation currency measures should also make the country appeal to export markets for manufactured goods.

Surprising New Visual Search Technology With Slyce

It occurred to me that I might not be the only one who is new to visual search and AI assisted shopping. It’s a new technology that is making it so much easier for people of all types to find what they want to buy without struggling to search the popular internet shops or going to the store to stand in line. Everyone has a smart phone these days, so it is likely that it is something that can help most people. I guess some people like to go to the store still, but I can’t think of anyone who likes dealing with sales people or standing in the lines in malls.

I’m sure that I’ll still visit the shops when I feel like looking for new ideas of what to buy people. However, I don’t need to go to the register, or pack up things in my car. I can just take out my smart phone to take a picture of the thing that I want to buy. Slyce makes it just that simple. Slyce is the application that I prefer to use because I feel like they have the best grasp on this technology. The company started as a tech company that specialized in search and find technology, so they have a leg up on how the concept works. They have been making some really compelling changes to their system, too.

It’s no surprise that this technology came along. We’ve been thinking about the day when window shopping would be this easy. I remember seeing news stories about it on television when the idea was first coming about, but I hadn’t heard anything in years until I read this article from MIT Technology Review. The article talks about big companies, like Slyce, that are making this technology easier to use. It is a wonder how quickly the word spreads. I talked to my friends the other day about Slyce, and they already use it! I’m impressed by how great it feels to simplify my life. I have more time and energy to do the things I love thanks to Slyce.

They brought in a customer service team at Slyce to make sure that the AI assisted shopping tools are generating the most accurate results. I have never had a problem with my searches though.

Jaime Garcia Dias: Man of Literary Talent

Jaime Garcia Dias is a well known and successful Brazilian writer and educator. He has won numerous awards and published a number of books and essays. Dias was born in 1970 in Rio d Janeiro. He was encouraged by his parents to develop his literary skills at a young age. Young Dias inherited a passion for writing from his father, Arnaldo Dias who was also a well known writer.

Dias began writing at the age of 15 he’s said on Twitter. This was the beginning of his literary career. He used his first writing experience to pursue his talents and began an education in literature. At the age of 23, Dias became a teacher at one of the most famous literature academies in Brazil, The Caricoa Literature Academy. At this point in his career, he was able to fulfill his passion for teaching, something he’d talked about wanting to do for some time on Facebook. He helped mentor many young writers right out of high school to become literary experts. Dias was eventually named President of the Academy in 2007. This academy is one of the most sought after literature academies due to the success of Dias.

Dias’ success reached a high point in 2001 when he was the proud recipient of the White Crane Award. This award is one of the most respected awards in Brazilian literature. At this point, Dias knew that he had made a literary name for himself and for his father who was a huge supporter of Dias’ success.

In 2013, Jaime Garcia Dias published chronicles in the Jornal do Brazil, and began his own personal blog. These chronicles are a collection of childhood stories. The purpose of this collection of work was to honor his father and their life together. The chronicles were hugely accepted in the Brazilian world of literature.

Recently as Dias works on his 21st novel, he has been handed a huge opportunity to expand his writing well beyond the Brazilian borders of his native country. He has embraced this opportunity through the use of online blogging and his YouTube channel. Though the use of this 21st century technology, he is able to be influential in the works of hundreds of writers around the world. Check out his website to see even more about his career.

George Soros Criticizes Republican Candidates Trump and Cruz


George Soros, a well-known billionaire investor, has sharply criticized Republican presidential candidates Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. Soros said that both of them were inciting terror fears on purpose, according to information published in a MarketWatch article.

George Soros is a major donor to the Democratic Party and is often critical of the way Republicans approach issues related to terrorism. He has argued that ISIS has now been significantly weakened and is progressively losing control over areas that it controls in Syria and Iraq. However, he concedes that finding a good solution to the conflict raging in Syria and the overall threat of terrorism around the globe isn’t going to be easy.

He stated that in the year 2016, the government will need to reaffirm its commitment to having an open society and to disregard the fear mongering that the likes of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are bringing forward.

Trump has attracted major controversy by calling for Muslims to be banned from entering the United States, whether as immigrants or simple visitors, due to his belief that such a policy will be helpful in preventing terrorists from entering the country and carrying out attacks. Cruz, as well as some other Republican candidates, has been critical of President Obama for failing to refer to the recent terrorist attacks taking place in Paris and San Bernardino, California as being “radical Islamic terrorism.”

Soros has written that terrorist organization such as al-Qaida and ISIS are aware that fears of terrorist attacks on their soil can lead to individuals and government officials in democratic societies to behave in an irrational manner. He believes that various terrorist groups around the world have the objective of convincing young Muslims that they have no other choice but to embrace terrorism. By repeatedly stoking the fear of a terror attack in the population, those like Trump are actually playing into the hands of terrorist groups, as the rise of anti-Muslim sentiment makes people see each Muslim as a potential terrorist, according to George Soros. As a result, the younger generation of Muslims starts feeling resentment for Western society, which makes them easier to recruit by terrorist organizations such as ISIS.

As Times Change So Does Men’s Interest In Fashion

In the late 2000s if a man or young male dressed themselves well enough to be noticed they were instantly labeled ‘metro sexual’. While this trend lasted for nearly a decade it has since found its demise among the general population. According to an article in Business Inside men of all ages are taking interest in the way they dress both at work, on the street, and while out on the town. Surprisingly the reason behind this burst in men’s clothing sales and interest is because of the internet. No longer are men forced to travel to the mall, deal with crowds, or stand in line for a single shirt.

Men’s clothing has seen a 16.7% increase in the e-commerce world over the past five years which is the greatest incline in a specific category. Analysts state that the growth will continue another fifteen percent in the next five years to come. Its not a myth that men hate shopping unless its for something they consider a necessity but with the amazing world of online shopping men can rejoice around the world. Their closets can fill up without them having to leave the house and since online shopping is open for everyone, men everywhere are dressing better.

Paul Evan’s is one of the leading stores in e-commerce for men’s shoes. The company got its start when two men branched out with a goal to bring quality Italian leather shoes to the public at a lower cost. They started their project in Italy and made good work relationships with six Italian families whose skills have been honed by decades of family secrets in crafting leather. These multi-generation families who spend their life treating, creating, and perfecting leather shoes cut out the middle man by selling straight to Paul Evans which decreases the resale cost.

For those stylish males who need a simple and sophisticated leather shoe for the office, Paul Evans has the traditional sleek oxford look in brown, dark brown and black leather at a fraction of the cost. They also offer a variety of casual shoes like slip-on loafers or the newly popular high-top sneaker. For colder months you can slip on a pair of quality leather boots in three different styles. While most leather shoes are upwards of $500 a pair, Paul Evans offers the same hand crafted quality Italian leather for over $100 less than retail.

Homejoy Inc. Is No Competition For Handy Technologies Inc.

Homejoy Inc, had everything going for it, including a David Hasselhoff ad. This housecleaning and repair startup company has filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy says the Wall Street Journal. This comes 5 months after a blog post on the San Francisco company website announced that Homejoy Inc. would be shutting its doors. They have been in business since 2013.

Although the company had raised $38 million in venture funding, there were issues over the classification of its employees. Until July of this year, house cleaners for Homejoy Inc. were making $25 an hour in 5 different countries, which sounds like good money until you realize it’s before taxes. Taxes decimate $25 an hour. Still Homejoy Inc. was expanding into repairs and carpet cleaning. The Wall Street Journal says that startups which have been forced by lawsuits to reclassify contractors as employees have increased labor costs from 20% to 40%.

Even so, competitor Handy Technologies Inc. raised $50 million in November from investors. Handy Pros are said to be experienced, background checked, and insured, which makes them sound exactly like contractors. They can generally offer next day availability. Handy Tech offers a 100% satisfaction guaranteed refund.

Handy Tech now has 35 areas of operations; these are in major cities in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. This company has been incorporated since 2012. Besides housecleaning, Handy Inc. has branched out and now offers furniture assembly, plumbing, painting, moving help, and electrical services, everything a home owner or apartment dweller might need.

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The increase on premium dog foods production

In the recent years, companies are now focused on offering organic grain-free foods. However, with the increasing competition in pet-food production field, traditional pet food producers have now embarked to offering fresh and healthy pets nourishments. Nestles’ Purina, a dog food production company, came up with a website to assist customers settle on the best nutrients for their pets. Companies like Mars’ Cesar Home Delights are highly campaigning for eat-like-your-owner strategy. These have pushed to production of dog treats that are free from artificial colors and flavors. The strategy has really increased the sale of premium dog foods and this has in return increased the market tremendously. Following the current acquisitions and innovations, companies are all up in struggles to be in the top production line. This has even led to introduction of senior dog food markets which are all meant to increase the health of our dogs both young and the old ones. Beneful brand of dog that is by Nestle Purina Petcare, introduced in 2001 has really been producing a vast line of dog foods. These include wet and dry foods and also dog snacks. These have really been essential in offering the required nutrients to the dogs. Following its campaigns on wikipedia to advertise its products, Beneful has so far managed to generate a great amount of revenue. This has really played a part in increasing Beneful’s recognition as a source of fresh, safe and healthy dog food. Back in the year 2005 is when Beneful introduced the premium dry dog foods. The high dependability on meat as the only source of proteins had become too much. The dry dog foods were therefore meant to serve as alternative sources of proteins in the dog’s diet. Later on in the following year, there was the introduction of already prepared dog meals that were delivered in cans. These were introduced in various different flavors. Later on Beneful introduced the dog snacks that were equally important in the dogs’ diet.

The Handy App is just that…Handy

Oisin Hanrahan, a 32 year old from Dublin has a leg up on the competition with his start-up, Handy. It came out of necessity when Hanrahan was a property developer and couldn’t find reliable handymen and cleaners for his properties in eastern Europe and again when he started buying and fixing properties in the United States.

Hanrahan started purchasing and redeveloping properties in Budapest while he was still an undergrad at Trinity College in Dublin; but the global financial crisis of 2008 had him back in Dublin where he started a political media start-up and created the Undergraduate Awards – a non-profit that supports and recognizes outstanding undergrads all over the world.

Having moved to Boston in 2012 Hanrahan was working on his MBA at Harvard University and started purchasing properties and again found it difficult to find reliable help. This time he decided to do something about it. He and partners Umang Dua, Weina Scott and Ignacio Leonhardt built a platform for people to book household services.

The company screens all the freelancers with interviews, background checks and reference checks. Less than 3% of the 750,000 people who have applied actually get approved. Their goal is deliver excellent customer service.

Hanrahan and his partners started with a mere $50,000 seed money as part of Highland Capital’s summer Incubator in just two months’ time they had more than $2 million. They hired Tumblr’s former head of engineering to head up the product and design team. They now have more than 140 staff members in 28 cities across the U.S., Canada and the UK.; more than $110 million in venture capital funding and more than 1 million bookings.

This fall they began acquiring companies because not only does the customer want to be on the platform with the most providers, the cleaners and handymen want to be where the most customers are.

The app is available in 28 cities and Hanrahan plans to use the $50 million funding he received in November to invest in those cities before expanding at the end of 2016.

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