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When you are looking to add volume and shine to your hair, you need the cleansing conditioner from the WEN hair care line. These natural hair care products made from natural ingredients such as cherry wood bark, Shea butter, sweet almond oil and other natural botanical extracts provides amazing results. As outlined in the review by Emily McClure on, this product will almost instantly add volume to your otherwise thin, fine hair while helping to cleanse, treat and repair your dry and damaged hair. Emily McClure is a beauty fanatic and was anxious to try the Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner after hearing so much about it. Emily tried this product consecutively for seven days while recording her experience to share with the world. During these seven days, she noticed a significant difference in how healthy, shiny and thick her hair felt in comparison to the dry, thin hair she was used to having. Emily especially enjoyed the results that she received when utilizing the product in her morning shower. She found that it provided her with better results when she used directly before styling her hair. If you are curious to read the entire review you can find the original article on here.

Wen by Chaz or simply Wen hair care products are an all natural line of organic products specifically formulated to protect, treat and cleanse your hair while boosting the health and appearance of your hair at the same time! Wen by Chaz utilizes ingredients such as natural botanical extracts and shea butter so you can be sure that you are not putting harmful chemicals on your hair. You can purchase the incredible products from Wen hair by Chaz in three different kits on the Sephora website , or here. Learn more about Wen hair products, see


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Shaygan Kheradpir is the new head of Coriant after the announcement of his appointment in late 2015. He will be succeeding Pat DiPietro as the CEO of the huge optical transport vendor. DiPietro assumes the position of Vice President and will in turn take Shaygan’s seat at Merlin Equity Partners.

Coriant’s leadership reiterated how glad it was to appoint Shaygan to head expansion operations at the global optical transport vendor after the successful integration work done by his predecessor, Pat DiPietro. The fact that Shaygan is taking over shows the end of the integration phase of the company with its American acquisitions (Tellabs in Naperville, Illinois, and Sycamore Networks in Chelmsford, Massachusetts).

DiPietro was one of the first people to welcome Shaygan Kheradpir to Coriant. He said that the company was happy with his appointment. He alluded to the experience and calibre of leadership that Shaygan has accumulated in his 28 years in the industry. DiPietro added that the strategic guidance and insight that he infused into the company’s operational execution would inevitably drive Coriant’s growth. He was confident with the work done by the new CEO so far and expressed confident that the future only looked brighter.

Shaygan seems confident enough at his new position and is ready to assume operational leadership of the huge company whose estimated revenues reach $1 billion annually. He is well poised to take on Coriant’s closest competitors like Alcatel-Lucent, Infinera and Ciena.

Shaygan Kheradpir

Shaygan Kheradpir is an innovative executive who has worked in the technological and business sectors for over twenty years. Today, he is revered as one of the most experienced and accomplished executives in the industry with several patents and innovative products under his name. The current Coriant CEO started his career working for a company called GTE Corporation. He later joined Verizon in the positions of Chief Operating Officer and Executive V.P. He was also a crucial member of the leadership team that pioneered the FiOS operating system, which has been quite successful in North America to date.

After his successful stint at Verizon, Shaygan joined Barclays Bank and held the position of Chief Operations & Technology Officer. He was essential in the development and roll out of the TRANSFORM program that is currently used in an impressive 50 countries. After nearly three years at Barclays, Shaygan joined Juniper Networks. Later in 2015, he joined Coriant after a brief stint on Merlin Equity Partners’ board.

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In the business world, an accelerator works to assist start-up businesses from their very earliest days. This task is handled all the way to its final stages of the business to be sure that it will exchange their responsibilities that lead to the final development stages and finally to the market entry. In the past few years, an accelerator called the Swiss Start Up Factory (SSUF) was organized whose goals include a constant search for entrepreneurs that will eventually prosper. Derived out of the bustling city of Zurich, the SSUF recently formed a union with Fusion, a move that was directed and launched by one of the great business leaders of the world, Mr. Mike Baur.

In 2014, along with entrepreneurs Max Meister and Oliver Walzer, Baur co-founded and held the title of Managing Partner at the then newly organized Swiss Start Up Factory, which also included managing finance and fundraising. This unique business offered the best start-up accelerator plan whose program also offers mentoring, a coaching series and plentiful Zurich office space. Consisting of three months, this versatile program also delivers more services such as a thriving entrepreneurial network to ensure goals are met.

Prior to the successful SSUF group effort, Mike Baur had put in more than 20 years handling a variety of tasks in the Swiss banking field. As a youngster, he became intrigued with the many aspects found in the business of finance and banking, so it would not be long before he realized that he possessed the characteristics needed to enter and succeed in this diverse field. An individual requires various qualities in order to survive in the banking/finance industry, particularly since it often witnesses constant fluctuation. After attending the University of Rochester in New York, then the University of Bern, Mike earned not only an MBA but an Executive MBA. The combination of Mike’s valued education and his career goals assisted him in his roles as a banker at Sallfort and Clariden.

Since Mike Baur is responsible for creating great outcomes, the union that was recently begun between Fusion and the Swiss Start Up Factory has continued with its new missions. A brand new website for the public has been launched, which includes videos as well as podcasts that inform on Swiss Startups.

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There is a morning routine that Wengie tries to follow every day while she’s traveling. She sometimes gets caught up in the beauty of the land instead of focusing on her skin. A travel routine helps to keep the skin from getting stressed while in a different climate.

Start with a beauty pouch that is large enough to hold all of your supplies. Find one that has see-through compartments so that you can easily find all of the components that you need. One with a hook makes it easy to hang the bag in a hotel room. Wengie sometimes carries more beauty products than clothes. She takes a supply of moisturizing masks as the air from hotels can sometimes dry out the skin. Use toner to freshen the skin for the day.

A light sunscreen is a must-have no matter where you travel. A lighter texture can be added under your makeup. It’s easy for the lips to get burnt, so it’s important to protect them with a sunscreen with a higher SPF. Start covering in the center of the face as this is where you will need the most protection. A shine-free blotting powder will keep the skin from getting too shiny. The forehead and nose are areas where the powder will likely be applied most often. Avoid wiping your forehead with your hand as this will only cause the skin to become oilier. Use a toner pad to remove any excess oil and to freshen the skin after a long day of touring your vacation destination.

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Recent investor reports show that e.Bricks Venture Capital will be investing over R$ 300 million in basic services over the next few years. This basic services fund wouldn’t be possible without input and assistance from top Brazilian investor Eduardo Sirotsky “Duda” Melzer. He has ties to the company by way of his corporate connections.

The e.Bricks organization is a partner of Grupo RBS, which is run by Duda Melzer. Melzer wrote the venture capital is important, but it’s not the only thing that investors should concern themselves with in the Brazilian marketplace. The two companies have established a list of four individual segments that need assistance in order to grow.

Brazilian consumers have long complained about having so few financial institutions to choose from. Additionally there are serious problems with the healthcare and education sectors. Small businesses are having trouble getting the startup capital that they need. Having listened to these concerns, Duda Melzer decided that these four segments of the economy need the bulk of the investment money that the venture capital organization has scraped together.

Various projects have put money into these sectors on many occasions. What makes this fund so different is the presence of so many international investors. Duda Melzer has connections in Miami, New York and Mexico that are providing capital for the program.

This money shouldn’t be thought of as a charitable contribution. It’s a serious fund that seeks to solve problems in order to turn a profit. Investors are willing to put money into the fund because they see the potential for growth in untapped Brazilian markets.

When asked about the various challenges that Brazil faced, Duda Melzer responded that each one of them provides a new opportunity. Even though the country is currently in a recession, there is still an opportunity to experience major growth.

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Sally Kohn recounts in the Daily Beast how she overcame attacks by online trolls. Utilizing information found online, the trolls were able to organize attacks stretching into her real world life.

How do you protect yourself from online attacks? Kohn consulted with Darius M. Fisher, President of Status Labs, to find out. Status Labs is the premier online reputation management firm. Below are tips from Fisher.

Go to the websites you have accounts for and make sure your contact information isn’t public. Also, check public relations online databases, such as Whitepages and PeopleSmart. You should contact each one and request your information to be removed. Keep a list of the database websites so you can check them four times a year.

Keep all of your social media accounts private. If you own a business, open new accounts specifically for that purpose.

When you check database websites, also update all of your passwords. You want to keep your security settings up-to-date. Use a password generator to change and strengthen your passwords.

Use the most popular search engines to search for your name. You want to be aware of what others can see.

The easiest way to keep a clean online reputation is to not post or share anything that can be exploited. However, we cannot always control what others post.

If you are currently being attacked by trolls, do everything in your power not to react. Giving them attention will only encourage them to escalate and continue the attacks. If the situation escalates into death threats, begin recording everything. You may not be able to find your attackers, but the police or FBI most likely can.

Also, contact the websites your attackers have posted on. Many websites will remove your private information. If your phone number is online, consider changing it.

If you are in the middle of a crisis, be ready to ask for help. Go to Status Labs’ website to learn more.

Based in Austin, Status Labs caters to high-end clients across the globe. Their digital services range from propelling sales and awareness to reputation management. Using specialized content creation, Status Labs engages the public on behalf of their clients.

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The Medicare Advantage Plan lives up to its name, as it can be structured to assure members coverage for essentially every need in every circumstance. The added benefits afforded members who take advantage of this plan include the peace of mind that if any medical issues arise, they will be covered.

Extensive coverage including, hearing, dental and even wellness programs may be covered under the different Advantage Plans. The Advantage Plan allows for a variety of coverage options that can be structured to best fit each individuals needs.

That aforementioned “peace of mind” isn’t the only additional benefit that Medicare Advantage Plan members receive. Another advantage of the plan is the comfort of having a reliable and trustworthy medical provider like Medicare to be there if needed.

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A top provider, complete coverage options and flexible plans are all worthy reasons to take a good look at the Medicare Advantage Plan, because the right plan is the best plan for you. An excellent resource for more information about the various packages and to get more help with questions According to Penelope Kokkinides, the site is user friendly and could be a good place to start.

InnovaCare Health, Inc., a leading provider of the Medicare Advantage plans also strives to maintain the most cost effective solutions and utilizes the most advanced technologies in working to attain these goals.

Attitude is a direct reflection of leadership – it has been said. The member first, patient care priority that is stressed throughout the InnovaCare organization is certainly an echo of the message driven by the Board of Directors, including of course Rick Shinto, M.D., President and CEO.

With such a well designed program, standing in alliance with a full service provider, it has to be an assurance to each member that their health care is in caring and competent hands. The fact that InnovaCare Health creates the most feasible options in harmony with that “member first” attitude is yet just one more cause for consideration. All of this and there hasn’t even been any mention of the physician practice services.

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Marc Sparks is an entrepreneur that has chosen to invest in not only Texas’s future, but America’s future. Marc has spent many years of his life as a businessman and investor in several fields. Knowing how to succeed is a skill that Marc feels anyone can harness and put forth into their own business investments.

To help others with this endeavor, Sparks wrote a book titled “They Can’t Eat You” to share his insights of success. Readers can follow his success story to harness their own. This is not the first or only time that Marc has used his knowledge towards helping others.  Learn more about Marc Sparks:

Giving back is a long time investment that Marc has made in his community and even statewide. He has been involved with organizations such as Habitat for Humanity and the Samaritan Inn.

Marc Sparks spends time supporting a high school magnet program in Dallas, America Can! Academy to gives opportunities to students, and ensures a brighter future for each them.

His drive to help others doesn’t stop there. Recently, Spark Tank was started by Mr. Sparks to help entrepreneurs from all across the country find funding to spark their ideas and dreams into something tangible. Read more: Marc Sparks – Dallas, Texas, United States, Timber Creek Capital and Marc Sparks – Profile – Disqus

By logging in and applying, anyone can bring their ideas to the Spark Tank and apply for a grant up to $5,000. This funding can kick start any person’s dream into a reality, and moving their ideas into the right direction.

From timber and volunteer work, to being an entrepreneur and investor of the ideas of the future, Marc Sparks knows how to improve the world for a better tomorrow and continues to do so by focusing his efforts on ways to invest in others.

He shares his own success, encourages others to follow his personal footsteps to a rise in fortune, and truly just enjoys helping others with their own future.


There was some kind of disconnect between teachers and students, as well as how information and progress was being shared between all parties that prompted Sam Chadhuary-who taught classes at his high school, when he was still in high school-to get involved in helping to create a way for students to interact with teachers and for parents to get updates on their kids in the classroom.


The old-fashioned way of communication between parents and teachers was outdated and in his opinion there is often a big disconnect between parents understanding how their kids are benefiting from classes and teachers feeling as though parents were not involved enough in their kid’s lives.


What he came up with is an app called ClassDojo. It is an interactive platform that offers privacy and security for those who use it. It’s a hip and trendy app that makes connecting with the “grown-ups” a fun and straight-forward experience.


From instant messaging for teachers and parents to reach other, to videos and photos of projects and activities in the class, it helps everyone to feel positively involved in the progress of the students. The idea is that it helps students to feel a part of something while also being responsible for their progress.


Another thing about ClassDojo is that it also translates messages, which is ideal for teachers who have children from other countries or whose native language is not English, helping to create clear and concise communication with every parent. As a way to keep up with privacy yet identify students, ClassDojo has these fun avatars that look like monsters. Students appreciate the idea and it has become somewhat of a trademark of the ClassDojo app.


The site is more of a “social media” designed kind of platform which makes it fun to use and can be used voluntarily and not forced on teachers by the school district. Sam Chadhuary also states how ClassDojo also provides some educational guides for both students and teachers and allows them to choose if they way want to watch them or not.


What Sam Chadhuary wants to see happen with ClassDojo is that education and classrooms are more than competitions, but more a community effort where everyone feels and gets positively involved. From his own personal experience, he believes it’s not about winning or losing, but an environment where everyone helps everyone to progress and learn.

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The first in a series of press releases from Securus Technologies is available to be read. The company is the leading provider of both civil and criminal justice technology and aid in public safety, investigations, correctional facilities, and monitoring. More information on the company can be obtained here. They have recently compiled information on competing company Global Tel Link (GTL) and have begun releasing information and reports highlighting the wrongdoings this company have committed. Click here:

The first release involves a 17 page order by the Louisiana Public Service Commission and pertains to actions used by GTL during the time they served the Louisiana Department of Corrections to provide outbound telecom services to inmates. The report shows GTL was found to have committed numerous offenses including programming the clocks on phones to add an additional 15 to 36 seconds to the duration of each phone call, rated calls at a higher rate than those allowed under the tariffs or PSC rate caps, inflated charges to customers by adding various amounts of money to calls after the calls had been rated, and billed a single call numerous times. It is believed that GTL acted deliberately in their choices to unlawfully overcharge and double bill for their services. In total, it is believed that the taxpayers of Louisiana were overcharged by GTL by over $1,200,000.00.
The accusations towards GTL occurred approximately 18 years ago, which according to some PR newswire experts seems like a long time ago, but the practices continued from that time forward. Taxpayers and customers deserve a higher level of integrity from a company, and Securus decided it is time to let everyone know what GTL was up to. More press releases are expected from Securus America that highlight further bad business practices and will continue to be issued over the next six months.

Visit Securus BBB page for more info about the company.