In a world completely dominated by technology and the internet, it is difficult to keep tabs on what the truth actually is. With billions of people having access to the internet, there is also a billion opinions and voices that must be searched through and dealt with in order to find what is correct. To be sure, not all of the information put online is truly representational or even truthful for that matter. An area within which this large influx of information can cause problems is reputation.

Now, more than ever, it is easy for potential customers or clients to search a business or individual online and develop an opinion without meeting or speaking with the business or employee themselves. Many people simply do a Google search and decide whether to do business with a person or business based on the information they find online. As we mentioned earlier, there is countless loads of information being put online that it is hard to keep track of what people find about a particular business.

Due to this ensuing problem, a field of online reputation management has emerged. Businesses now work with clients to ensure that their online reputation is truthful, honest and positive. In short, online reputation management involves making sure that search engine results match what businesses and individuals would like potential customers and clients to read and see about them. It is about turning these potential clients and customers into actual customers.

Fix Search Results is a website that specializes in this online reputation management. They work with all kinds of clients from large business to individuals themselves to ensure that that their online reputation is not flooded with biased or untrue information could potentially tarnish their otherwise positive reputations. Fix Search Results works with Fortune 500 companies and has a staff that is based wholly in the United States, so communication will never be an issue.

Digital Marketing, Online Reputation

Co Founder and president of Status Labs, Darius Fisher has found a way to remain on top despite his company having a bad reputation. Status Labs is an innovative business that adheres to companies and individuals all across the globe. They work to protect and reserve your online reputation and to ensure that you get the highest market of people possible. They’re located in Austin, Texas and launched 4 years ago. With a staff of up to 30 employees, Status Labs help big names in the media light by giving them second chances and helping them to appear in good terms with the media.

Darius Fisher has since found peace within the company after this negative connotation destroyed all credibility. He completely turned his company around and since is excited by how his team of employees is keeping the company together.

Darius Fisher is an entrepreneur, investor, marketing and communications expert. He believes in giving second chances to people who deserve it by recreating their digital presence. His company, Status Labs, is doing just that as it is bouncing back with a strong foundation. Fisher is allowing for this company to help out with charity and non profit organizations all across the globe to help others in need while also supporting the morale of his company.

Being a graduate of Vanderbilt University, Darius Fisher has a strong sense of business and economics. Proving it with his own company, Fisher proves that any individual or company can create a positive digital presence with the help of Status Labs.

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The Soros groups of hedge funds have been some of the most successful investment funds in the world over the past fifty years. The principal of the company, George Soros, is well regarded for being the top fund manager in the world as he has consistently provided his investors with higher than market returns on investment. Soros has also personally amassed a personal net worth of over $25 billion, much of which was earned through asset management fees and appreciation in his own investments.

Over the past couple of years George Soros has been warning investors about the potential for declines in the stock markets across the globe. He has cited many different reasons for the gloomy outlook, which has included the oil crisis, the bubbles in China and other emerging markets, and the dire financial situations faced by several countries in Europe, Asia, and South America. While George Soros’s opinion is always highly regarded and respected, recent changes in his portfolio structure seem to have many people suddenly realizing the height of his concerns.

Like many hedge funds, George Soros is required to report the holdings of his funds to the regulators, which makes the holding public knowledge. Over the past few months, changes in his portfolio structure reporting have shown that he is doing his best to exit the stock market in an effort to prepare for a forthcoming decline. Soros has reduced his holdings in US stocks by over 35 percent, while replacing those assets with gold and other precious metals. Read more at

Precious metals and gold tend to do their best in appreciation when the stock markets are struggling. Not only is he investing in futures and ETFs of precious metals, but he is also focusing on the source of the metals. In the past few months he has bought a two percent non-controlling stake in Berrick Gold Corp. Some of the top aides to his hedge funds have stated that they are very bullish on gold in the near and long-term. Many expect that gold prices will increase over the next few years. Read more at

Venezuela Events

It is Afro-Venezulean month and to kick off the celebration, Afro-Venezuelan revolutionaries gathered to commemorate Hugo Chavez’s black heritage. Entitled “Afro Chavez”, this forum celebrates the black political power and commemorates the 221 St anniversary of the uprising that freed Afro enslaved people from Spanish rule in 1795.
Historian Danilo Diaz Granados explains this revolt led by Jose Leonardo Chirinos, an Afro- indigenous slave, is considered the forerunner in Venezuela’s fight for political freedom. These outcomes have been honored by the Network of Afro-Venezuelan Organizations (ROA). The ROA leaders highlight the 1795 anti- colonial politics as a basis for political freedom in Venezuela today.

These events from 1795 were finally honored in politics by being a nationally recognized holiday and holding an “Afro-Venezuelan” day to be celebrated every year added Diaz Granados. The ROA firmly believes that Afro politics play as much a role in modern times as they did over two hundred years ago. This belief was highlighted in celebrating the, Anti Racial Discrimination Law, that was passed in 2011 prohibiting any kind of racial discrimination as acts punishable by fines and jail time.

The ROA stresses the importance of celebrating its diversity this month and its Afro Venezuelan heritage, which often is forgotten by many celebrations of Venezuela’s European heritage.

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Sanjay Shah has proven himself to be a successful business man and a wonderful philanthropist. He has founded Solo Capital which is a hedgefund. Among the activities that he is involved with are proprietary trading, sports betting and consulting. His venture has proven to be a very successful venture. He has also been involved in sponsoring people who are at a disadvantage in life. As of right now, he is involved in funding for autism research. He has been involved in quite a few different industries. He has started off in the medical industry before switching his focus to the financial industry.

Sanjay Shah has worked for different banks and brokers before starting his own investment company. His company has turned out to be a success. He would eventually find out that his son had autism. This would prove to be a life changing revelation. For one thing, he wanted to find a way to cure the condition so that his son could live a normal life. He then started his charity called Autism Rocks. This allows him to bring in more funds for autism research. The only trick was finding out how to get more funds for the universities that are trying to find a better treatment.

One day, he met Snoop Dogg. This gave him the idea to run concerts dedicated to Autism Rocks so that the proceeds can go to autism research. Among the artists that have performed at his concert are Snoop Dogg, Drake, Lenny Kravitz, Florida, and more artists. Each of them have been very pleasant to Sanjay Shah and his son. Sanjay Shah himself enjoys the experience and will cintinue to run concerts so that he can bring forth more capital to help with the research towards finding a good treatment for the developmental condition.

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A study that was conducted by Relevancy Group showed that, by including videos in the email marketing campaigns, revenues were able to rise by over 40 percent. With the growth of internet and diminishing of attention spans, video marketing comes out as the most proven and effective way through which one can engage audiences.

The same study also showed that attaching a video in an email had the potential of increasing open rates by up to 20% and the click-through rates by twice or thrice the number. To put it in simple terms, video is highly efficient than text and it is able to provide instant gratification that almost everyone had started developing the first time they logged onto the American Online during the 90’s. Use of videos is also a super effective platform that one can use to express his or her brand’s personality.

One of the leaders in this field is the Talk Fusion based in Florida. The firm ranks at 8th position among the largest online providers of video content in the world. It was founded in 2007 after Bob Reina, the firm’s founder and CEO, wanted to attach a short clip to an email so that he can send it to friends. The American Online told him that it was impossible and it was at that point that he teamed with his tech-savvy friend and they came up with an effective way that one can attach videos onto emails.

Talk Fusion has gained a widespread popularity owing to its ease of use. Most video-marketing newcomers find the process of attaching videos to emails being intimidating, but with Talk Fusion, they are assured of an all smooth task. With over a thousand ready-to-go templates that fit every occasion and situation imaginable, newbies can select the one that suits them. What makes it even more interesting is that users have the options of creating customized templates once they familiarize themselves with the platform.

Talk Fusion promotes strong commitment to giving back to the community through charities that target communities, families, friends and animals welfares around the world. All these is aimed at producing a positive change throughout the globe.

Get Amazing Results

If you are someone who watches TV, you have most likely seen the QVC infomercials that are advertising WEN hair. The real question is whether or not these products work. These products are advertised to add moisture, shine, and bounce. When you arrive home after a long day, it is easy to see the damage that has been done to your hair. Wen by Chaz can really help this messy hair become manageable once again. This cleansing conditioner really gets deep down into you hair to remove all of the dirt and grime that has accumulated throughout the day. This is something that normal shampoos just can’t do.

WEN HAir FAQ’s can be found on Visit the link to learn more.

Wen hair has the ability to really make hair seem thicker. The volumizing ability of this hair care product is making it a very popular choice with hair care enthusiasts all over the world. One of the greatest benefits of Wen by Chaz is the ability to make your hair look shiny. If you are preparing for a big event, this is just the product for you. Wen by Chaz will give you fuller and shinier hair than you could have ever imagined in the past. Wen by Chaz will most likely continue to grow in popularity due to the amazing results that this product yields. Wen hair is available online via and it can also be delivered.



According to Citrite, Marc Sparks is a venture capitalist as well as a serial entrepreneur who is based in Dallas. He has been a principal in many startups since he graduated from high school in 1975. After more than 34 years of experience, Marc wrote a book so that people can learn from his experiences. His book is titled ‘They Can’t Eat You’. In this article, we will discuss Marc Sparks and things related to him further.

They Can’t Eat You

Marc shared everything in the book he wrote. He stated that people who read his book would be able to learn a lot from his unsuccessful ventures. He also stated that it was painful for him to write it since it shares everything. His colleagues are the one who convinced him to start writing the book. Marc stated that his book is just right for entrepreneurs who are losing hope.

The Poorest

In an interview, Marc Sparks stated that the poorest he could remember being was when he had to buy groceries at a gas station with his Texaco credit card. He also added that at that time, even though he was at his poorest state, he still felt passionate and excited about life. Marc is not afraid or losing, and he never said he wants to be a millionaire. When people asked him how he does it, he said that he often rely on six qualities, which are Focus, Faith, Savvy of Monetization, Tenacity, an Outrageous Sense of Urgency and Passion. He believes that if people have these qualities, they would be able to succeed.

The Samaritan Inn

Another amazing thing about Marc is how he has a deep passion for helping others through The Samaritan Inn, a homeless shelter located in Texas. He has been involved in this project since the late 80s. The Samaritan Inn can house around 160 residents per night, and the average duration of stay is five months. In addition, there is a program of counseling, health program, financial education, family services and job placement, which can help the residents to learn some skills so that they would be able to do something.

Other Passion and Hobbies

Marc also has a deep passion in building. This passion of his has been handy because he is involved in Habitat for Humanity. As a matter of fact, he has helped people to construct a lot of homes. He also supports America Can! Academy and has given more than 1000 new computers to kids who are on the verge of poverty.

His hobbies involve outdoors and health. He enjoys fishing, hiking, working out, golf, hunting, biking and even adventurous travel. As an individual who thrives on competition, he also thrives in sports other than business. Moreover, Marc has traveled around the world in 23 days. He thinks that adventurous travel is ‘an entrepreneurs’ Mecca’.


Marc Sparks might be a capitalist and an entrepreneur; however, he is also involved in a lot of good causes outside business such as The Samaritan Inn. He also believes that everyone can be successful. A person like Marc Sparks is a great person to look up to, especially for capitalist and entrepreneur beginners.

Hair Regimen

I love my hair. I love the way my hair flows, I love the way it feels after I wash it and I especially love it after it has been shampooed and conditioned. Because I do love my hair so much I often find it hard to give up the reviewed hair care products or those that I have been faithful to for so many years. I have an issue with brand loyalty. If a product does well on my hair I never see a point in trying anything new because let’s face it, there’s no point. If it’s not broke don’t fix it.
Because of my beautiful hair I am often asked what I think about WEN. I am often asked if this product is what has given me beautiful hair. When my response is no many are shocked but others begin to ask if I believe Wen By Chaz would give me the same results as my current favorite hair care products. My answer? I’m not really sure because I have never used the product before.

A few months ago one of my favorite beauty bloggers did an awesome article for Bustle about Wen By Chaz. In it the blogger shared her daily routine of products. She had never used the product before but gave readers an insight on just how the products worked on thin hair.

Created by Chaz Dean(, Wen By Chaz contains 3 hair care solutions in one product. It has sold millions nationwide. It has also received positive reviews from Guthy-Renker.

Internet Shopping

Fashion Week in New York is such a draw that articles describing the event show up in even the most unlikely places. Even Architectural Digest had something to say about the event. The way that the fashion world can collide with homes is how to use the worldwide fashion culmination to inspire your own home party invitations. Discussing all home fashions from the minimalists, to the mysterious, and even the quirky, with show cards from designers from Tommy Hilfiger to Kanye West.

Acknowledging that “The art of the invitation is one that’s hard to master,” according to Melissa Minton, designers have the challenge, same as all folks when hosting an event, of issuing an invitation that is either theme related, or a minimalist design so as not to give away the mystery of your party’s motif. Kanye West wasn’t put off by showing a hint of what was to come when he sent out a garment to serve as his invitation to the coveted show he had at Madison Square Garden. Hilfiger and Saint Laurent on Instagram decided to go with the straight minimalist invitations. Yet upon arrival, Hilfiger’s guests were issued a nautical navy boarding pass fashioned after a passport. Kate Spade rocked out her invitees with a vintage take on old records, while Jonathan Simkhai went with a clean architectural photo design. Finally, black is always in fashion, as it was with Saint Laurent VIP Parking Pass invitations printed on quality stock stationary.

When looking for the latest fashion you need not attend Fashion Week in New York, instead try a subscription fashion retailer JustFab on youtube. JustFab carries not only the latest in fashion clothes for women but has an extremely extensive selection of shoes and boots, jewelry, and handbags. JustFab on matrixpartners also carry a widespread selection of denim fashions. The best part of shopping at JustFab is the customized shopping experience that allows you to make just a few initial selections and the site then recommends styles that appeal to you most as a curated medley. Some might remember the site under its former name, JustFabulous, which has been shortened to describe precisely what it is: JustFab!